The company installed 3 doors, then reinstalled new doors after our many complaints of warped storm doors which they admitted were faulty doors from the manufacurer.We still could see outside along the door edges and snow would drift into our entrance, again they came to look and said they now realized that the weather stripping was the problem and that their company was in the process of making a better stripping and they would install it in 6-8 weeks.

The guy from Storm-tite said, it's Winnipeg-of course the doors are going to warp! THAT was the wrong answer.

They installed the new stripping and we could STILL see outside along 3 edges, they put sticky square white pads along the frame and said OK, they were done! The last contact was they sent out someone on behalf of the manufacturer to review, this person said to us that they are warped and were poorly installed.

We followed up again with the installed on what was going to be done, they said the file is closed as the outcome was that the doors were within THEIR acceptable standards!!

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Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada #1220440

the Storm-Tite doors are not resistant to moisture problems and they do rot.I purchased two exterior storm doors and both have some kind of rotting (corrosion) happening in the centre of the bottom panels.

I would not recommend anyone waste a penny purchasing those doors unless you have the money to purchase new doors every 5 to 6 years.


Duraco is still new to doors.It sounds like the issue may be with your main doors and not the storm doors themselves.

While the storm doors are where you are visibly seeing the issue, the warping and movement is most likely happening on the main door frame and brickmould to which the storm door is mounted. The door frame material that they use is a solid composite PVC which is a very good product and far superior to others on the market, but unless the company building the doors and their installers fully understand how it differs from other frame materials such as wood, it can cause problems like yours. Composite PVC is more prone to thermal expansion and if it's not shimmed and anchored correctly it will move.

I would assume that they either can't figure out the real issue or are keeping the focus on the storm doors to draw attention away from it.Has anyone put a straight edge such as a 6ft level to the main door and storm door surfaces to see where the bowing is really happening?


I was a door installer for many years.I have installed stormtite storm doors before and it sounds like you have an obvious install issue.

If it isn't installed square, you can get warping in any door-especially aluminum storm doors. Of course the installer is going to say its not his fault. He doesn't want to look ***.

The stormtite door is an excellent storm door and I would recommend it to anyone.I suggest to get it directly from Duraco-Stormtite in Winnipeg to save the dealer markup.


There is no reason for a door to warp so badly in Manitoba other than making an inferior product.A new weatherstrip?

Doors are not new to Manitoba. Weatherstrip works fine on other brands.

Duraco is reasonably new to making their own doors though...looks like you're a guinea pig in this case.

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